Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat Quilt


This quilt was made for Pryor Balkman - 2012. The individual blocks were created from a panel of fabric featuring The Cat in the Hat (Celebration Panel - the total panel before cutting was 24 inches by 44 inches; ADE-10798-203). Solid fabric was added to the edges of some panels to create uniform panels in each column. The sash for the blocks was created using the blue "egg" fabric in Robert Kaufman's Dr. Seuss Celebration collection - ADE 10791-81 Turquoise. The banner proclaiming "The Cat in the Hat" was a strip across the side of the Celebration panel which was fussy cut for the individual blocks. A final 4 inch border around the entire quilt was created from a fabric that drew on the red of the cat's hat.
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