More Reading for Those Who Have Read:
Small as an Elephant
by Jennifer Richard  Jacobson
Mick and Jade
Jacobson, Jennifer Richard.  Small as an Elephant. Candlewick, 2011.

This list of resources/ideas were first shared in Library Sparks, October 2011.  These links will provide additional information about elephants and Small as an Elephant.
More Reading about Elephants and their Behavior
"Echo: An Elephant to Remember" on Unforgettable Elephants - Elephant Emotions | Nature | PBS.  Web

"It's true! Elephants don't forget!" on Social Behaviour and Communication in Elephants.  Web

"Wild Stories — Elephant Altruism" on Wild Facts Blog.  Web

"Elephant Altruism" on Ben Mills' Blog - Elephant Intelligence.  Web

"Could this be a case of  genuine altrusim?" on The Elephant.  Web

Du Plessis, Amelia.  "The Family Within the Herd" on Amelia's Andrews-Elephants website.  Web

Map for geographical activities to accompany Small as an Elephant.  (pdf)

Check out the activities on the author's activity page:

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