Resources and More Reading to Extend
Gold! Gold from the American River!: January 24, 1848: The Day the Gold Rush Began (Actual Times) by Don Brown.  Roaring Brook Press, 2011.

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Brown, Don.  Gold! Gold from the American River!: January 24, 1848: The Day the Gold Rush Began (Actual Times).  Roaring Brook Press, 2011..

This list of resources/ideas were first shared in Library Sparks, December 2011.  These links will provide additional information about the Westward Movement and the Gold Rush, including James W. Marshall.
  • John Sutter (owned mill land where gold was discovered)
The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco.  (n.d.) The Discovery of Gold in California by Gen. John A. Sutter.  Reprinted from Hutchings’ California Magazine, November 1857.  WEB. URL:

McNamara, Robert.  (n.d.) A Discovery at John Sutter's Sawmill Sparked the California Gold Rush: A Failed Shopkeeper in Switzerland Became a Land Baron in California.  WEB. URL:

The West Film Project/Public Broadcast System.  (2001).  New Perspectives on THE WEST: John Augustus Sutter (1803-1880).  WEB. URL:
  • James Marshall (accidently discovered gold but never profited from any of the mining)  (2004) History of the Gold Rush: Travel Through Time...on Highway 49.  WEB. URL:  (2011)  The Gold Rush Chronicles: Gold Discovery.  WEB. URL:
  • Henry Wells and William Fargo (created Wells, Fargo & Co., a banking, mail, and stage coach service company)
Wells Fargo Bank.  (2010).  Wells Fargo History: Henry Wells.  WEB. URL:

Niemann, Paul.  (08 Sept. 2010) Red, White & True Mysteries: Perhaps You Can Guess Henry Wells' Business Partner - Independence, MO — The Examiner.  WEB. URL:

Wells Fargo Bank.  (2010).  Wells Fargo History: William Fargo.  WEB. URL:
  • Levi Strauss (patented canvas pants with riveted pockets, Levis)
  • Mark Twain (wrote of his experiences heading West for the Gold Rush)
  • Sam Brannan (bought up all the mining tools in the area, sold them to the newly arrived miners, and later sold other goods to the miners)
  • Lotta Crabtree (began her acting career by entertaining the miners)
  • Nellie Chapman (studied dentistry under her dentist husband, and later practiced dentistry in her own practice, also wrote and composed)
  • Eliza Branham (matron of Sing Sing prison, advocated for social reforms)
  • Georgiana Kirby (Pioneer of Santa Cruz, advocated for equal rights)

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