Chicken Joy on Redbean Road: A Bayou Country Romp
by Jacqueline Briggs Martin


The inspiration for Joe Beebee, Cecil Wilson, and Leo LeRoy in Martin's book includes Wilson A. "Boozoo" Chavis who  recorded the first zydeco hit.  For more about zydeco music and the players who made that genre popular throughout Bayou country and in particular Louisiana, Texas, and California.
Amédé Ardoin
Adam Fontenot
Dennis McGee
Canray Fontenot
Nathan Abshire
Alphones “Bois-Sec” Ardoin
Iry Lejeune
Balfa Brothers ( Will, Dewey and Rodney Balfa)
Clifton Chenier
Wilson A. “Boozoo” Chavez
Marc Savoy
Michael Doucette
Buckwheat Zydeco (born Stanley Dural, Jr.)
John Delafose
Christine Balfa and Dirk Powell
Queen Ida Guillory

"Boozoo" Chavis (1930-2001)
-- Born Wilson Anthony Chavis in Louisiana on October 23, 1930, Chavis grew up among those who loved music. He became one of the first to play a genre of music later called “zydeco.” Zydeco was a hybrid of Cajun and Blues music.  Chavis recorded the first zydeco hit but later thought the industry was cheating him out of his royalties so he quit the business. His mother had long been involved in raising and training champion racehorses so he turned to horses. He soon became well known in the racing circuit.  One of Chavis's obituaries recounted the legendary tale that one day, while traveling, Chavis spotted a poster advertising “Boozoo Chavis’s” appearance at a nearby venue.  Realizing someone must be impersonating him, he decided there must still be money in the music business so in 1984 he returned to the stage—almost a twenty years after abandoning the commercial music scene.

Find out more about Chavis on David Simpson's pages  "Contemporary Cajun, Creole, and Zydeco Musicians:  Boozoo Chavis"  and other musicians at the main page for Simpson's music web pages on the Louisiana State University site.

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