Map Banjo Granny's Travels
Banjo Granny
by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

Banjo Granny travels from her home state of Iowa to her grandson's home in California.  Use a transparency of this map/master to discuss the locations important to the author of Banjo Granny and to the story itself.  Click on the map to access a pdf full-sized version of the master.

Story Map for Banjo Granny

Answers for the map master:
  1. State of Maine (where Martin was born and raised).
  2. State of Vermont (the home state of Wilson A. Bentley [Snowflake Bentley]).
  3. State of Iowa (Martin's home state now).
  4. Missouri River
  5. Rocky Mountains
  6. Sierra Desert
  7. State of California (Owen's home state when his granny came to visit).

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