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We have several authors and illustrators who enjoy meeting and speaking with readers about their work, and about reading and writing.
If you are interested in inviting an author/illustrator to visit your community in person, or via Skype please contact McBookwords.


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Nicole Rubel

Speaking to Readers


Nicole Rubel's core  presentations are suitable for  large or small groups.  Her writing workshops were generally developed for classroom sized participant groups.
Nicole speaks to all age groups and is a particularly popular keynote convention speaker.
Nicole Rubel has several basic core presentations.  Each of her presentations can be adapted to correlate with the goals and objectives you have for an author visit.  She inspires readers, writers, and artists. 
Rotten Ralph
Meet Rotten Ralph (K-5)
Using power point slides the audience is able to view Rubel's crazy-Ralph flavored home and studio decor.  She speaks of her childhood in a family of four children, including her identical twin who seemed to be better at everything.
Rubel speaks of the famous artists who inspired her art form and shows how Ralph has changed over the years.  Audience participation is encouraged as Rubel draws a Rotten Ralph picture and reads from a Rotten Ralph book -- usually the newest title.

Ham and Pickles
Ham and Pickles First Day of School
(K-6; adaptable)
Overall theme: sympathy and empathy<>
Curriculum connections:  self to text, writing ideas, recognizing art style, character education.

After discussing her own childhood as one of four children, including an identical twin, and being the quiet kid in teh back ofthe class who never raised her hand she emphasizes that "even the quiet kid has talents and can achieve dreams."
She displays paintings of famous artists that have influenced her work and  explain her unique use of black line, bright colors and patterns and go on to make clear what exactly defines an art style.
The second segment includes
involving  children in an oral reading of Ham and Pickles and together, writing a sympathetic letter to Pickles, warning her about her brother's silly advice. In addition, Rubel with the audience will develop written suggestions to help Pickle love her first day at school.
The session ends with a drawing demonstration. Children will give "art direction" and I will draw their suggestions on a large piece of paper.  The goal is to produce a collaborative drawing, that will be signed, and the school will retain.  Q&A.

Hot and Cold in Miami

The It’s Hot and Cold In Miami Program  

(Upper Intermediate-middle school and adaptable for secondary/adult audiences)

Theme: Metamorphosis!  

Alternating between passages from the book and slides of her childhood I illuminate the real-life story behind the fictionalized version of the book.The visuals are used as talking points to discuss some of Rubel's decisions to disguise or not certain aspects of her family life while sharing her personal journey from being a non-speaking (true!) twin to finding her voice as an artist and an individual.  And how eventually she transformed herself from "twin" to "Nicole."

Rotten Ralph - Master Painter
Art History Favorites with Rotten Ralph
(all ages)
Rotten Ralph loves the master painters.  He likes to think what might have happened if anyone of them had owned a cat — a cat just like him.  With slides and a lot of dialogue and inspiration Rubel shares some of Ralph's old classics as de Vinci, Vermeer, Grant Wood and others would have created them if only they had known Ralph.
See a complete catalog of Ralph's envisioned classics on Rubel's Rotten Ralph Art page.

This is a humorous and entertaining presentation for conferences and keynotes.

More detailed descriptions of some of her presentations are available on her website:
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