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For a detailed, comprehensive, and entertaining compendium of resources and ideas for great author and illustrator visits, read ABCs of an Author/Illustrator Visit by Sharron McElmeel (Linworth) See ABC-Clio's site at

Autographing Form (school version):   When authors or illustrators visit schools/libraries it is often not possible for each student/attendee to purchase a book -- and yet they too would like a momento of the day. We recommend that bookmarks or a similar keepsake of the day be duplicated for each child so the pleasure of the day is universal for each child, regardless of whether or not they can afford a book. To facilitate the autographing of the books while students are engaged in activities in the classroom you might wish to use an autographing slip and have two selected assistants help the author during the autographing time.  The students can open books to the title page for the author, and after it is autographed the book can be sorted into classroom groups. An autogrpahing slip for use is available on this site in a pdf file. If the visit involves a public audience you will want to use this autographing form with address/phone # spaces. Autographing form for libraries and public events (pdf file).

More information about organizing a beneficial and well-planned author visit are included in the following on-line resources:

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