Author and Illustrator Appearances

We have several authors and illustrators who enjoy meeting and speaking with readers about their work, and about reading and writing.
If you are interested in inviting an author/illustrator to visit your community in person, or via Skype please contact McBookwords.


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Jeni Reeves


Contacting the Publisher

To locate current contact information search for that publisher by using Google, Ask Jeeves, or another computer search engine.

Many publishers may be current or old imprints of larger house, or were companies bought out by other houses.

Organizations may order the author's books from a local bookstore or distributor. Orders may also be arranged through direct contact to the appropriate publishers.  Before ordering obtain information regarding the book store's or publisher's discounts, terms, and ordering procedures. 

Most of the books illustrated by Jeni Reeves are published in library binding making any discount minimal.   It is our recommendation in this case to deal directly with the publisher and order from them.  Go to

Most publishers have special terms for books being ordered for an author appearance.  Be sure to specify that the books are being ordered in conjunction with an author appearance.   Orders should be placed at least 6 weeks before the appearance.  Specify a date at least 2 weeks prior to the visit, as the required delivery date.

Most book dealers will order the books and make them available for you on a "book fair" type basis.  Generally an organization can generate about 20% of the sales, as revenue for future author visits.

Dealing directly with the publisher can yield 40% of the sales but the organization is usually responsible for paying postage costs (to and from) for all books ordered and for those books that are unsold. 

We generally reccommend that books are pre-ordered and made available to readers BEFORE the author visits.  That increases the readers' familiarity with the books and helps with the readers' preparation for  the  author's appearance.  The author will be pleased to autograph those books for readers.
Complete information about the books illustrated by  Jeni Reeves go to

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