Author and Illustrator Appearances

We have several authors and illustrators who enjoy meeting and speaking with readers about their work, and about reading and writing.
If you are interested in inviting an author/illustrator to visit your community in person, or via Skype please contact McBookwords.


Sharelle Byars Moranville

Speaking to Readers


Sharelle Byars Moranville's presentations are best suited to modest sized large groups; or workshops developed for classroom sized participant groups.
    Moranville presents to large and small groups and is able to tailor her presentations to assist in meeting identified curriculum goals and standards. Moranville’s core presentation for elementary and middle grade students centers on how writers develop stories — and in particular her own emergence as a writer. Schools may choose from a menu of formats and topics — large and small group presentations, general “author” presentations or writing workshops/book discussions.  Each presentation supports The Six Traits of Writing.

Five Huge Reasons You Really Don’t Want a Writer in your Family.”

    Through a tongue-in-cheek confession of how she mines her family for characters, quirks, details, grotesqueries, plots, and themes, Moranville discusses the genesis of the story idea—what makes it universal, what makes it particular.  She also explains the special organization of fiction—the way writers thread all the beads of a story on a single thread—and how that thread has to be pulled so tightly at the climax that it almost snaps.  She talks about the narrative voice in fiction—giving examples from other writers and talking about her own regional voice.  Reading from the works of others, she looks at examples of word choice and sentence patterns that communicate both meaning and emotion.  She talks about the process of getting a manuscript ready to send to an editor or agent in terms of convention.  And she relates the great effort a publisher like Holt takes with presentation of the book so it will leap off the shelf and into readers’ hands. (one hour; large or small groups)

How We Create Stories:  A crash course in character, conflict, style, theme, and setting.”  (2 1/2 hour)

    Because this workshop covers so much, so quickly, it’s best suited for students who have been identified as having a special talent or interest in creative writing.  Like all the presentations, this one uses the Six Traits of Writing, tailored to short story writing. The session is a combination of listening, discussing, writing, and sharing. The goal is that at the end of the session, the young writer will have the opening hook and a map of the story which  she/he can complete independently. (2 and 1/2 hour; small group)

Choose your Workshop”  (1 hour)

    1. Creating stories:  Character
    2. Creating stories:  Conflict
    3. Creating stories:  Style
    4. Creating stories:  Theme
    5. Creating stories:  Setting

    A menu of one-hour workshops for small groups.  Each workshop is a blend of listening, discussing, writing, and sharing and each will focus on one selected element of fiction Students will be provided with hands-on and interactive time. At the conclusion of the session, each student will have a vocabulary for discussing the specific element. The student will better understand the element and how that element helps make fiction work.

"Choose your Book Discussion" (one hour)

    Sharelle Moranville has written several books and is pleased to discuss the back story, the writing process, and publishing adventures involved in creating a specific title, with readers who are familiar with and who have read the targeted book.   Question and Answer session included. These discussions are more easily held with groups up to 75 readers, and with an age appropriate child/YA audience or with adult audiences who are familiar with and who have read the targeted book.
Books to select for the topic of the book discussion.
  • Over the River, Henry Holt, 2002, a historical novel for grades 3-7
  • The Purple Ribbon, Henry Holt, 2003, a chapter book for readers K-3
  •  A Higher Geometry, Henry Holt, 2006, a historical novel for young adults
  •  The Snows, Henry Holt, 2007, a multi-generational family saga for young adults

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