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We have several authors and illustrators who enjoy meeting and speaking with readers about their work, and about reading and writing.
If you are interested in inviting an author/illustrator to visit your community in person, or via Skype please contact McBookwords.


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Jim Aylesworth

Speaking to Readers

Three large group presentations by the author are available during a day's visit to a school. At times a school day visit is combined with an evening presentation for the community at the school or at a public library — that can be arranged.  While most often Jim meets with K-6 students, his discussion of the role of reading and writing in creating a successful career as a writer and opportunities for life-long learning are presentations that appeal to middle and high school students.. Jim's presentations are also well suited for writers and readers conferences.
This award winning teacher and author has many valuable lessons for young and old alike about the importance of courage, dedication and perseverance. He can inspire large groups as well as small to include more reading and writing in their lives. He can relate the experience of being an author to students with the skill that comes from years in the classroom. He enjoys speaking to all age and grade levels. He is a gifted teacher and a successful author; just the right person to provide a memorable and exciting school visit.

In addition to school visits, Jim Aylesworth is also a successful conference and book event speaker. His appearances with an adult audience serves to inspire and energize adults who work with children. Many teachers have said that after hearing Jim read, they, themselves, will never read his books the same again. Jim Aylesworth's readings will resonate to bring new dimensions to their own reading.

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